January 1, 2017 – Happy New Year!

With a strong front working its way north from the Gulf, we continued our southern trek, trying to beat the rains to the Raleigh area.  Along the way, Debbie rediscovered her favorite photographic subject while we are traveling …


At a stop at the North Carolina visitor’s center, we spotted one of the largest Whirly-gigs (at least 6’ wide) we’d ever seen.


Further down the road we did run into some rain which, fortunately, was not heavy nor did it last long.

We’re presently in Four Oaks, NC (about 25 miles southeast of Raleigh)

2017-01-01-raleigh-oaks-rv-resort-and-campground-four-oaks-nc-site-403where we’ll spend the next three nights.

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