July 31 2016 – Water, Water Everywhere!

Last evening, I discovered I have a defective fitting where I attach city water to our coach.  As today is Sunday, I no expectations of being able get it repaired today and when checking possible repair options in Grant Pass (our next stop) found nothing that gave me any confidence. 

However, when checking with the Campground, they gave me the name of John, owner of Stellar RV Repair as someone to try … which I did and left a message.  Much to my surprise, he called back soon thereafter and showed up a half hour later.  Meanwhile, we extended our stay in Salem and decided to delay moving on until the repair was made.  

Long story short, John was able to locate the defective part and I made a 100 mile round-trip to Camping World to purchase a new water pressure gauge, which was also leaking.  By mid-afternoon, we had the problem fixed … or so we thought.  Water was still dripping at a healthy clip!


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