July 28 2016 – Astoria to Salem Oregon

Astoria’s Column Hill was shroweded in a thick fog as we left our campground

Fog Shrowding Astoria

Hardly beyond the city limits we hit a section of

First Road WOrk Sign

In the six years we’v been RVing across 49 states and 10 Canadian provinces/territories, thre has not been a single day on the road with our motorhome that we have not run into at least one section of “Road Work”!

Leaving the city limits, and typical of leaving most western cities at sea level or along a river, we began a climb through Navy Heights,

First Climb out of Astoriaalmost to the cloud base.

Climb into Fog

Paralleling the Columbia River, we caught a glimpse of a a small marina

Marinaand homes and and asjacent to and boats moored along the John Day River, which feeds into the Columbia.

Fishing Village in the John Day River, off Columbia River just East of Astoria, OR - 2106-07-28

We passed through several small towns, including Sappose (population 6,592),

Water Tower, Sappoose, OR - 2016-07-28Ranier, Washington (population 1,825) which is linked to the much larger industrial city of Longview, Washington (population 26,648)  via the Lewis and Clark Bridge

Lewis & Clark Bidge over the to Longview,WA, Columbia River off US-30St. Helens (population 12,883)  from which we were able to catch sight of Mount St. Helens  through the haze, some 38 miles ot the north.

Mt. St. Helens

In the distance, we could see evidences of forestry clear-cuts

Clear Cutsand, closer to the road, an occasional farm.

Cows and Barn off US-99, Salem OR - 2016-07-28

Reaching the Portland area we found ourselves in, what else, traffic!


although we were able to catch sight of the dome on St. Patrrick’s Catholic Church.

St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Portland OR - 2016-07-28

We had a great dinner at a local Italian restaurant in Salem … during which time we received a call from our campground advising us that our water hose had ruptured and a “neighbor” had shut off our water spigot.  Fortunately, I had an extra hose to replace the damaged one so we’ve got water again.

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