May 15, 2016 – Home Again

We awoke to temperatures in the 40s this morning when we were heading for home after a relatively short trip of just 38 days.  The drive north along the I-95 corridor … around Washington, Baltimore and Wilmington and, unfortunately, through the center of Philadelphia …

Philladelphia Skyline (d) from I-95 - 2016-05-15

was challenging with broadside of 20 MPH winds gusts approaching 30 MPH buffeting our motorhome without any let-up making our five and on-half hour drive more challenging than I’d like.

Flags 6

Interesting photo ops included yet another Confederate battle flag;

Confederate Flag - along I-95 in Maryland -  2016-05-15

more colorful cars;

Yellow Buick GSX on I-95 in Maryland - 2016-05-15

Silver Car on Platt Bridge, Philadlephia, PA - 201-05-15

Butterscotch Audi, I-95 in VA - 2016-05-15

a score of water towers, most identified with the city or county location;

Spotsylvania, VA - 2016-05-15

Perryville, MD along I-95 - 2016-05-15

Navy - Air Force - 2016-05-15

Caroline County, VA - 2016-05-15

Unknown, Maryland - 2016-05-15

until we got to Philly where the identification on them was absent.

Philadelphia Water Tower (b), Philadelphia, PA - 2016-05-15

save some less than talented, ego-centric graffiti painter.

Philadelphia Water Tower (d), Philadelphia, PA - 2016-05-15

We experienced just one traffic slowdown

Back-up in Delaware

the result of an accident in the center lane of I-95 in Delaware.

Backup Cause 1

After again entering two more states where their governors seem more than willing to spend taxpayers’ monies on self-promotion,

Welcome to Maryland on I-95 - 2016-5-15

Welcome to Delaware on I-95 - 2016-05-15

we were pleased to see Pennsylvania’s Governor Wolf has other fiscal priorities.

Welcome to Pennsylvania along I-95 - 2016-05-15

After arriving back in Langhorne, we off-loaded our clothes, food and electronics and took our motor home to the lot gated yard where we store it when at home.

We’re currently scheduled to be home for the next 35 days (less the better part of a week visiting Nancy and family in New Hampshire) before heading out on another cross-country adventure when we’ll be sight-seeing and visiting friends and family across twenty-two states.

As for other statistics, in seven years since we began RVing … and despite having to take a year off for health reasons … we’ve now spent 897 days on the road, traveled to 49 states (can’t figure out how we can drive to Hawaii) and 10 Canadian provinces/territories, staying in 260 different campgrounds, traveled just over 65,000 miles. 

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