May 12, 2016 – Hilton Head to Fayetteville/Wade, NC

Another day making our way north along I-95.  While I drove, Debbie was desperately looking for photo subjects among our otherwise boring route.

Lacking anything else of interest, she found some solace in brightly colored cars blowing past us;

Car 2 Car 4 Car 7 Car 8then, an former passion, local water towers;

Water Tower, Walterboro, SC - 2016-05-12 Water Tower, Eastover, NC - 2016-05-12 Water Tower, Lumberton, NC - 2016-05-12 Water Tower, Along I-95, SC - 2016-05-12an unfortunate motorhome owner with a flat tire;

Flat TIreand being passed by a swimming pool;

Oversized Load 1 Oversized Load 2 Oversized Load 3However, once in

Welcome to North Carolina Along I-95 - 2016-05-12the nearly fifty year old legacy of Lady Bird Johnson‘s effort to beautify the nation’s highways with a palate of color was on full display!

Roadside Flowers -Pink 3 Roadside Flowers - White Roadside Flowers - Vellow 3 Roadside Flowers - OrangeRoadside Flowers - BlueRoadside Flowers -Pink 1 Roadside Flowers - White and Yellow 2

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