May 8, 2016 – Sarasota to Jacksonville

Today’s drive north along I-75, east on I-10 and north again on I-295 and I-95 was remarkable by its lack of any interesting landscape  other than being twice passed by couples just starting out their lives together.

''Just Married'' (2), I-75, North Central FL - 2016-05-08Tonight, we’re again staying at Pecan Park RV Resort in Jacksonville, FL.  It’s a convenient stopover location when entering or leaving Florida … with the added benefit of having a large flea market

Pecan Park Flea Marketjust beyond the campground fence where we can browse hundreds of booths hawking almost nothing we need or want.

As with so many other days on the road, one of my first, least favorite but necessary jobs is the removal of the frequently scores of insects who decided to commit hari-kari by flying into the windshield and front panel of our motorhome (YUK!)

Bugs 2 Bugs 1However, every time we do stay here, Debbie swears it’ll be our last … as it sits directly under the landing path of Jacksonville International Airport’s Runway 26 (just south of west).  As a result, commercial aircraft continue to fly less than 500’ over our motorhome.

Plane 3 Plane 2 Plane 1 Plane 4Oh well, tomorrow we’ll be continuing our slow trek back to Pennsylvania … where more bugs are likely to fall prey to our travels.

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