April 23, 2016 – Concessions Cup Golf Tournament

Ken and I attended (for free) the Concessions Cup, a Ryder Cup format golf tournament designed to celebrate the game through international competition while giving back to worthy causes. The event is a biennial team competition played between teams comprised of leading male Mid-Amateurs, Senior-Amateurs and Senior Amateurs – age 65+ from the United States and Great Britain and Ireland.

It was played at the Concession Golf Course which was designed by Jack Nicklaus in association with Tony Jacklin in honor of the 1969 Ryder Cup where Jack Nicklaus conceded a putt to Tony Jacklin.  That gesture, known as “the concession,” rendered the two teams in a tie – the first in Ryder Cup history – and became known as one of the greatest acts of sportsmanship ever.

The course is perhaps the most beautiful I’ve ever seen … fairways the texture of the best greens on other courses and greens like fine carpets with huge ridges and valleys … and which were incredibly FAST!

The Concession Golf Club 7The Concession Golf Club 2The Concession Golf Club 7The Concession Golf Club 11Concessions Golf Course (d), Bradenton, FL - 2106-04-23We followed the first group down the first fairway and through the green.

Concessions Golf Course (e), Bradenton, FL - 2106-04-23We then waited for the second group to play through the green and then followed them down the second fairway … and repeated the process.  This allowed us to walk all of the fairways and watch all of the twosomes.

Tournament a Tournament c Tournament f Tournament d Tournament b Tournament e

Somewhat heartening was watching two golfers hit their drives on the 10th hole over water, requiring over a 250 yard carry, into the water.  Both teed up again and swung away again … with the same results.  A decision was them made to halve the hole and move on to the 11th!  Hell, both Ken and I can, and have, deposited successive shots in the water!

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