April 15, 2016 – General RV

Following the guidance from the General RV service department, we got up very early and arrived at the General RV queue, which takes customers on a first-come first-serve basis, before 7:00 AM … albeit they do not open until 9:00 AM.

2016-04-15 (AM) - General RV, Dover, FL7:00 AM

Not unexpectedly, they did not take our coach into the service bay until just after 11:00 AM where it was worked on until closing at 6:00 PM.  However, a major problem with one of our slides was not completed.  As this is a reoccurring issue, to which I think they have hopefully identified the remedy, we are spending the night in General RV’s service parking lot under the glow of their security lights so the work can be finished tomorrow morning (hopefully).  However, we do have electricity!

Dinner at Applebee’s with a two-for-one wine special and then back to the service area at General RV for the night … and more wine!

2016-04-15 (PM) - General RV, Dover, FL8:00 PM

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