April 8, 2016 – At Long Last … Back on the Road Again

Since we started RVing in February of 2010, we’ve logged over 62,000 miles and 860 days on the road.  Having been home for 350 days, to many of them filled with doctor’s appointments and surgeries … we are incredibly anxious to get back on the road.

During our last minute loading, mostly foods needing refrigeration, I discovered one of the two drains I’d installed still leaked!  After pulling and cleaning the uncooperative drain, I reinstalled it … tomorrow will be the test as to whether I can claim to be a plumber!

A couple of minor crisis later and we had our Jeep  hooked-up and we were finally on our way.

Our drive through Philadelphia and the around Baltimore and Washington DC were a breeze with much lighter than anticipated traffic.  However, about 20 miles north of Fredericksburg, the traffic slowed to a crawl … in which we made jus t15 miles in just under an hour.  Although we speculated on whether the delay was caused by an accident or road work, when we reached the end of the tie up we were at a loss as to its cause!

Still, we reached our destination in Ashland, VA a little after 3:00 PM.

2016-04-08 - Americamps RV Resort, Ashland, VA - Site E-4

After some additional “house cleaning” we poured some wine and reflected on how wonderful it was to be back on the road again!

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