April 7, 2016 – Maintenance Day

After some prior commitments, I took our motorhome to

Tire 1True to his word, Mike had the four tires I needed … and could put his hands on another two if my inner rear tires were also discovered to have severely safety deficiencies.  After a short wait, I pulled in,

Tire 2raised the front end off the floor with the motorhome’s jacks,

Tire 3and watched Joe, Earl and Amin to their magic.Tire 4

When examining the inner rear tires, I might have been convinced that those tires also needed replacing and adding another $1,000 to my bill.  However, the Bergey’s team advised that those tires were fine and within the two hours they told me it would take, I was back on the road again.  I could not more highly recommend this company!

Back at Shady Brook a little after 5:00 PM, I was, with the able assistance of a neighbor, George Wyne, able to dislodge the old drains and install the install the new ones.

Tomorrow can’t come too soon!

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