April 6, 2016 – Great News …

Debbie finished her breast cancer radiation regime this past Monday!  With both of us now apparently healthy, we are planning to leave in our motorhome on Friday, headed south and eventually to Sarasota.

Although we typically pick up our RV the day before we leave to clean and load it, we decided to move this schedule up a day as its’s been just three weeks shy of a year since we last used the coach … and because the forecast for Thursday was rain.

Not only did the extra day work out well but during our cleaning, I discovered a leak under the kitchen sink and several large cracks in the out wall of three of my tires.

Tire CrackHowever, by the time these issues came to light it was close to 4:00 PM and, although replacing the drain could be accomplished by a quick trip to Home Depot for the drain hardware and some Plumber’s Putty and then an hour’s work, finding a dealer who inventories Michelin 235/80 22.5 XRV tires (I quickly discovered Michelin is very selective about its dealer network) and which can accommodate a class A motorhome is a whole lot more challenging that simply heading to an RV dealer, Pep Boys, NTB, STS or even most truck tire dealers.

After many false starts from Google leads, I was steered to a commercial tire dealer, Bergey’s,  a little over an hour away, where Mike assured me they could do the job the following afternoon.

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