April 23 – Fayetteville to Fredericksburg

After fighting a nearly losing battle with a plug on our hot water tank and a waffle breakfast, courtesy of our campground’s management, we continued our trek north.

Aside from another lengthy30-minute traffic delay

Traffic JambWe limped along only to discover there was no apparent cause.

All day, strong, gusting winds were buffeting us broadside …

US and North Carolina Flags off I-95, NC - 2015-04-23requiring added focus on driving and a “death grip” on the steering wheel.

Meanwhile, co-pilot Debbie found many favorite photographic subjects, including old buildings,

Decaying Shed, off I-95, North Carolina - 2015-04-23 Decaying House, off I-95, North Carolina - 2015-04-23 Decaying Barn, off I-95, North Carolina - 2015-04-23farms and fields,

Farm Silos off I-95, Southern VIrginia - 2015-04-23 Yellow Crop

and many spring flowers in full bloom!

Red Bud

Red Bud

Roadside Poppies

Roadside Poppies

Pink Dogwood

Pink Dogwood

When we arrived at the campground in Ashland, VA where we usually spend our last night before getting home from Florida, we discovered “there was no room at the inn” due to a major NASCAR race this weekend in Richmond!

So, on another 40 miles to Fredericksburg … where our drive will be a bit shorter tomorrow.

Listening to tonight’s weather was a bit depressing. After nearly 3 months of 70 and degree temperatures, it was a shock to hear that temperatures as we’re getting ready to depart for home in the morning could be in the 30s … YIKES!

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