August 25, 2014 – Sliver Lake to Zealand … via General RV and Repair

We got up well before dawn and were underway for the 100 mile trip to General RV (which contends it is the largest family-owned RV dealer in the nation) in Wayland MI … requiring a trip through the heart of Grand Rapids

One of several dramatic church spires dotting the Grand Rapids skyline

One of several dramatic church spires dotting the Grand Rapids skyline

during rush hour.

Despite having had General RV order for a new motor and a controller for our steps, their service department opens at 9:00 AM and they take people on a first-come-first -serve basis. And, despite three slowdowns, we arrived by 8:40!
General RV (01)With some twenty service doors, we were optimistic about getting being on our way to our next campground by late morning at the latest.
General RV (02)10:00, 11:00, 12:00 1:00 … and still our coach remained “in the queue”!
General RV (b)Meanwhile, we cooled our heels.
General RV (a)About 2:30, we heard loud rumbles of thunder and, as we’d left some of the windows on our motor home open, I headed for the parking lot only to discover that, at long last, someone was moving it toward one of the service bays …

General RV (c) General RV (d) General RV (e) General RV (f)just moments before the heavens opened up!

One of the technicians, an Afghanistan veteran, went to work shortly thereafter.

General RV (g)At 3:00, we discovered that it may have not been either the controller or the motor … the replacements costing $429 … may not have been the underlying problem. Rather, it might have been the magnetic switch, costing only a fraction of that amount.

C’est la vie! The good news is that our steps now work perfectly.

We finally left the dealer around 4:00 and didn’t reach our campground until after 5:00, eleven-plus hours after hitting the road this morning.

2014-08-25 - Dutch Treat Campground, Zeeland, MI - Site 18

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