April 11 – 12 – Heading Home

Leaving Hilton Head on Friday morning, we decided to make it home in two days rather than three …particularly we had a great driving day weather-wise with minimal traffic and no congestion, allowing us to make it all the way to just north of Richmond, VA.

This left us with about 260 miles … around Washington where we hit gridlock traffic

Traffic 1before navigating around Baltimore and through the heart of Philadelphia.  Although taking an hour longer than we hoped, we arrived back in Langhorne around 3:00 PM Saturday afternoon … briging 82o temperatures with us!

After unloading our coach and taking it back to where we store it, we are now faced with to settle back into the real world and getting accustomed living around “regular” people who are unaccustomed to months on the road, Margarita Mondays, Tuesday morning biking followed by golf at local courses, Trivia Wednesdays, Thursday cookouts, Meet & Greet Fridays, Dad & Mom DJs, 9:00 AM Pickleball, three pools in the backyard, ever changing neighbors and a general lack of having any serious responsibilities.

The next three months will be consumed with catching up with our kids, grandchildren, paperwork, honey-do projects and a few doctors’ appointments before heading out again in late July for a reunion with our friends from our 2011 trip to Alaska.

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