December 28, 2013 – First Day of Our Tournament of Roses RV Rally

We were ready for the 22 mile trip to Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia, the location of our RV Rally. 

After we’d topped-off our 78 gallon fresh water tank, pumped our black & gray water tanks (during our -day RV Rally, we will not have water or sewer connections), secured our water & sewer hoses and electrical  & cable connections, pulled-in our slides and retracted our stabilizing jacks … as I started the engine, Debbie got out to do her last minute walk-around.

Suddenly, she announced that we had water literally pouring from underneath our coach!

Water Pouring from Underneath Our Coach 1, East Shore RV Park, San Dimas, CA - 2013-12-28

My closer inspection proved her 100% correct!

Water Pouring from Underneath Our Coach, East Shore RV Park, San Dimas, CA - 2013-12-28

Unfortunately, while the waterfall continued, it was impossible to determine the source, which appeared to be coming from a hose and the user manuals


provided no useful information on the coach’s water systems.

However, once the flow stopped, together with some advice from several fellow RVers,

Help Arrives

I was able to get underneath our rig

2013-12-28 - Dick Under Coach Searching for Water Leak, East Shore RV Park, San Dimasand finally tracked the course to what I believe to be an overflow release valve.  It seems I’d over-filled our fresh water tank which we normally fill to no more than ⅔-¾ full.

Water LevelOne minor “catastrophe” solved, we hitched up our Jeep to our motor home only to discover that the primary electrical connection to our auxiliary breaking system in our tow vehicle was not working.  Fortunately, I had another option … but I still need to track the problem down sometime.

We finally left our campground some 90 minutes later than planned, where we spotted our second Roadrunner on the trip

Roadrunnerfor our 30 minute drive through Arcadia, where we once again found ourselves driving along Historic Route 66,

Historic Route 66, Arcadia, CA - 2013-12-28passing its picturesque park

Park Fountain, Arcadia, CA - 2013-12-28and a nonsequitor signs of the season given temperatures approaching 90o.

Snowman, Arcadia, CA - 2013-12-28

to Santa Anita Race Track where an extremely efficient event staff had us into our assigned slots within minutes.

Snata Anita RV ParkingThis evening, the some 280 people at our Rally assembled for dinner and an update on the activities for the next five days.

Can you find Debbie in the crowd?

Can you find Debbie in the crowd?

The organizers of Sierra Madre (a local community of just 12,000 residents) float organizing committee joined us, together with their three “princesses” (all high school students with grade point averages of at least 3.0) who will ride the float, to talk about their entry in this year’s Tournament of Roses Parade.

Sierra Madre, CA Float Princesses

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