December 21, 2013 – Goodyear and Debbie’s Brother, David

While walking the campground this morning, we had two interesting photo ops.  The first was a bank of low-lying clouds in a mountain valley several miles north of Goodyear in an otherwise nearly clear sky.

Clouds in Mountain Valley (a), Phoeniz, AZ - 2013-12-21The second were four Inca Doves huddling in the sun together in a grapefruit tree.

Inca Doves in a Grapefruit Tree (e), Destiny RV Park, Goodyear, AZ - 203-12-21This afternoon, we visited with Debbie’s brother, David … after which we had a incredible dinner at Pointe Hilton’s Tapatio Cliffs Restaurant.

2013-12-21 - Dave Louis, Debbbie and Dick (b) - Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs, Phoenix, AZ

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