September 12, 2013 –Gallup to Santa Fe

On the way out of Gallup, several highway clover leafs which were adorned with huge pieces pottery.

Along the margins of I-40, we passed some things whose purposes still remain a mystery to us.

Native-American sculpture art of some sort

A colorful tank of some sort

Symmetrically arranged conical structures in a distant field

Soon, we cross the Continental Divide for the 6th time on the trip (this time at an elevation of 7,267’) in the town of

There were more recognizable sights

Old grain silos, similar to others we’ve seen around the West

Very modest rural homes

Reservation community … not too often seen

A tattered American Flag

Along one stretch a wide area of lava bordered both sides of the Interstate as well as in the median.

The first of today’s accidents we passed resulted in a semi-trailer flipping over on a curve where we suspect the driver was going way too fast!

Both the landscape and the weather changed as we approached Albuquerque from


and as we crested the final hill and descended in to the metro Albuquerque area.

where warning signs

were not simply hype

Once on I-25 and heading north to Santa Fe, the weather simply got worse … monsoon rains!

Then it would intermittently start to clear and sunshine would poke through the cloud

before the bad weather again took control.

After checking in at our campground we’d had every intention of going into Santa Fe.  However, the insistent rains discouraged us … perhaps tomorrow before we leave for southeastern Colorado.

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