August 7, 2013 – Helena to Hardin, Montana

Today’s drive across central Montana proved to be surprisingly pretty, despite the apparent barrenness of the landscape.  Shortly after leaving Helena, we crossed the

And a hour or so later passed the source of the river near Three Forks, MT. 

As was the case of the Mississippi, the Missouri flows north before turning east and then southeast toward its meeting with the Mississippi.

Wheat farming appears to be the most significant crop

with hay

and corn becoming more noticeable the further east we drove.  The fields were planted right up to where the mountains began to rise up.

We pulled in to a Rest Area in Park City, MT for a lunch stop and noticed a sign cataloging the history of the town … which we found amusing.


As I-90 turned south east of Billings we began to see more trees

Although they soon gave way to more open and generally treeless plains.

Roaming our campground were several dozen brown rabbits


One of which took temporary residence under our motorhome.


Across the street and a field away was a coal-fired power plant.


During a walk after dinner, we were treated to the sun’s setting reflection off clouds to our east.

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