August 4, 2013 – Going to the Sun Road – Glacier National Park, Montana

They say patience is a virtue … and waiting until today to drive the Road to the Sun across Glacier National Park was propitious.  While cool at sun up, the skies were clear with only a very few lingering cumulus clouds hanging over some of the higher peaks.  Although our drive to the park entrance was only 2 miles, the vistas were immediately enticing.

In 1859, there were 150 glaciers in the Park.  As of 2010, that number had fallen to just 25 and it is projected that by 2020, glaciers will cease to exist in Glacier National Park! 

Nevertheless, the Park is truly spectacular!  While we did get to see some wildlife (Birds, Columbine Ground Squirrels, Marmots, Big Horn Sheep and Mountain Goats … unfortunately, the Bears and Elk were camera shy).

Of all of the places we’ve had the opportunity to visit over the past 3½ years, Glacier is undoubtedly in the top-3. 

We drove over the Going to the Sun Road from East to West and then returning … keeping the sun generally behind us and thus optimizing both views and photography.  The following is a sequential chronology of just some of the breathtaking sites we saw today.

We’d now reached the western end of the Going to the Sun Road and Glacier National Park … and began our return drive.

We’re hoping all of you can make a trip to Glacier, hopefully before the glaciers are gone but, if not, it’ll still be worth the trip!

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