April 29, 2013 – Heading West from Bumpass

We awoke after an evening of rain only to discover that our windshield still leaked.  Thank goodness for electrician’s tape which seemed to stem the flow.

After a great and busy four days with Chip and Debby, we bid them adieu and headed west .  While the rain abated, as we climbed the Shenandoah/Blue Ridge ridge line, we found ourselves driving up and into a low-hanging cloud where visibility dropped on less than 100 yards.


Reaching the height of land in Waynesboro, we spotted an Appalachian Trail hiker making his way north over a bridge I’d crossed on while headed southbound many years ago.


Once we began our descent, fog was gone


and while the summits of the Blue Ridge to our south were still shrouded,


the visibility was excellent and permitted us to catch glimpses of sights which we’ve found so common along our nation’s rural Interstates.


We were also in awe of the brilliant displays of Redbuds

and fields of daffodils.

Tonight we’re the sole campers at the West Virginia Stare Fair Grounds Campground.

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