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Sept 13 – Salem, MA

Our trip from York, ME to Salisbury, MA was the shortest one-day drive we've ever made … just 34 miles.  Pike School (1882), Salisbury, MA As a result we were in to our campground well before noon and, afer hooking … Continue reading

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Sept 12 – A Second Day in York Harbor

The weather began a bit overcase, but it was the first time we'd seen high tide.  Although no huge waves, a walk along the shore proved rewarding. Boon Island Lighthouse … 8.6 miles off the Maine coast After lunch, we … Continue reading

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Sept 11 – Eighteen Years Later – Our Trip to York Harbor, ME

As I write this post, we are watching several documentaries about the tragic events of September 11th, 2001.  As we traveled one hundred miles from Boothbay to York Harbor, American flags were at half-staff in memory of those who lost … Continue reading

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Sept 10 – Our Last Day in Boothbay

After battling with a minor 12V electrical problem, we took a walk around the campground where we've been staying, discovreing it was larger than we were aware and several sites (none with the 50 amp power, cable and sewer we … Continue reading

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Sept 09 – Maine’s State Capitol in Augusta

Today it was destination Augusta to visit Maine's State Capitol, our 48th. The drive provided its own points of interest. A true homemade RV Colorful Bee Hives Beautiful Lake Refelction A Touch of Autumn Several Sculptures Another Misplaced Lighthouse – … Continue reading

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Sept 08 – Boothbay Railway Village

Returning from the Botanical Gardens, we pulled into the Boothbay Railway Village, less than 100 yards from our campground. Track gauge is measured between the inner faces of the load-bearing rails. Gauge matters because all of the equipment running within … Continue reading

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Sept 08 – Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Leaving our campground, we headed to the much touted Botanical Gardens.  Our GPS, which too often has a mind of its own, took us on an unusual … and not the shortest … route.  However, it did provide one great … Continue reading

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Sept 07 – An Afternoon In and Around Boothbay

We woke to predicted cool temperatures and heavy rains which continued until early afternoon. As the rains ceased, we decided to take a drive into Boothbay and around some surrounding areas. Just south of our cmapground is the Boothbay Railway … Continue reading

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Sept 06 – Drive to Boothbay, ME and Sunset Dinner with Sue and Bob Goodrich

We'd no sooner left our Wolfeboro campground than we encountered Our streak is in tact … everyday we've been driving our motorhome we have, without exception, encountered Road Work. We contiue to see lighthouses in places far removed from oceans, … Continue reading

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Sept 05 – Wolfeboro – Northwoods YMCA Camp – Visiting with Sister-in-Law Diana Louis

Having summered on Lake Winnipesaukee for more than 45 years and Debbie for more than 30, much of in and around Wolfeboro, we decided to take the morning and take a nostalgic walk around the downtown area Our first stop … Continue reading

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