April 25, 2013 – Langhorne to Bumpass, VA

We left home with high expectation of a rather uneventful trip to my cousin’s house on Lake Anna in Bumpass, VA.  At the suggestion of a neighbor, we opted to avoid I-95 with its predictable slowdowns through construction areas.  Rather, we took what we anticipated to be a 40 minute loop north and west of the city … which ended up as an hour and forty-five minute ordeal!

 The balance of our trip down I-95 to Exit 130, south of DC, our “good fortunes” continued as we averaged just a tad over 35 MPH … which did include a 15 minute delay for a draw bridge.


This did afford us a chance to catch some humorous signs on other vehicles stuck in the same traffic,


bucolic farms,


and the wisteria in full bloom along the highway


Once at Chip’s and Debby’s house on the shores of Lake Anna,

our next challenge was parking … amid some towering oaks … without scratching our coach.


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