March 27, 2013 – Fayetteville, NC to Ashland, VA – Chip & Debby Burt

Our journey northbound on I-95, much of which is lines with forests,

to the campground in Ashland, VA, where we stayed our first night out last January was generally uneventful, with such familiar sites as

American Flags

Old and Decaying Homes and Barns

A Cable-Stayed Bridge

and, predictably …

Billboards Promoting Local Businesses

We finally learned what the semi-trailers with the unusual extensions surrounding the rear doors were all about.

They are after-market add-ons manufactured by ATDynamics called TrailerTails®.  They are the most durable, cost effective and efficient devises to reduce the amount of trailer rear drag aerodynamics, certified to deliver 6.6% fuel efficiency gains at 65 mph.

Someone who is a whole lot more clever than either of us designed some creative designs on the swimming pool fence, using only colored, plastic cups.

Once settled in

we drove, what seemed like “over hill and dale” to Bumpass to visit with my cousin Chip, his wife, Debby,

and daughter & fiancée, whose wedding we’ll be attending at the end of April.

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