May 22 – A Day for the Birds

Today was another mostly sunny and warm day.  Before leaving our campground, Debbie spotted a brood of three nesting robins.

We continued our northward journey along the western shore of Lake Huron to Alpena, MI, again staying off the major roadways.  Enroute, we passed a number of people involved with what has to be the state’s most popular sport

although doing so in a more traditional way than with a bow and arrow.

Just south of our destination, we found ourselves mid-way between the Equator and North Pole.

Our campground is, among other things, a haven for swans (a swimming),

snowy egrets,

and eagles (which we’ve yet to see).  It’s also a nursery for geese,

and robins (nesting in an old tire rim).

And we also discovered one of the more “rustic” buildings on the property.

Mid-afternoon, we took a short trip to see the center of Alpena.  Unfortunately the NOAA Marine Museum was closed.   With a front blowing through, we saw one of the largest American Flags standing straight out.

As we’re running out of wine, our first stop in the morning enroute to the Upper Peninsula will be the first liquor store we pass.

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