January 15, 2013 – South to Georgia

Our intention was to drive to Walterboro, SC today, along another stretch of unremarkable real estate along I-95.  Again, the “excitement” was where we could find it.

Old barns (one of Debbie’s favorite photographic subjects while traveling)


A plane traveling by road

A patriotic water tower

Trees budding out … in January!


Pedro’s “South of the Border” gift and T-shirt stores, theme park, motel and RV park, miniature golf and assorted other tourist trap attractions as soon as you enter South Carolina.

However, as we were making good time and with rainy weather forecast for later in the week, we decided to make it a long day and drive through to


and on to

the smallest of Georgia’s four barrier islands that is accessible by a single paved causeway.


The island measures roughly 7 miles in length and 1½ miles in width, much of its area being tidal marshland.  Under law, 65% of its area must remain undeveloped.  Over the next couple of days, we hope to explore some of its 8 miles of wide, flat beaches and 20 miles of walking, biking, and hiking trails.

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