January 14, 2013 – It’s Getting Warmer!

As we pulled up our window shades this morning we were greeted with a skyline which looked like it was on fire.

Nicer, still, the temperature was in the low 60os!

Our first stop was about 100 yards away, two miles by road.  At my recent birthday party, Meg’s folks gave me a gift certificate at Bass Pro Shops … which are, unfortunately, non-existent in Pennsylvania.  However, there was one directly across I-95 from our campground.

This is truly an amazing outlet.  Once through the doors, you find yourself in a two-story atrium festooned with a menagerie of mounted game trophies.


The enormous store sports clothes; backpacking, hunting and hunting gear; canoes, an indoor archery range and a huge

Leaving the parking lot was ”interesting” as we were routed around a U-turn which our motorhome with our Jeep in tow barely made it between the curbs and one of our mirrors slid past a light pole by less than 3”.

Once on the highway, what had been the promise of a sunny day turned into a series of showers.


Otherwise, the drive from Ashland [Richmond area], VA to Wade [Fayetteville area], NC is less than exciting, punctuated only by

Liggett Myers Headquarters

another lighthouse miles from any body of water

statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe promoting a log cabin builder’s homes


a few decaying farm buildings.

Arriving in Wade, we were able to sit out in shorts and short-sleeved shirts under partly sunny skies and temperatures in the low 70os and enjoying the first daffodils of the season.


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