April 18, 2010 – Monument Valley

Our plans were to pass through Four Corners, so we could stand in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah at the same time, on the way to Monument Valley.  Enroute to this first stop, we passed through some of the most bland landscape we’ve seen.

Upon arriving at the entrance to Four Corners …


Oh well!

The trip through the Navajo reservation again made us question where the space population works, goes to school and gets medical care. 


 Only Red Mesa, with a new residential development and medical center stood out.


Monument Valley, however, was a bit of a letdown.  If you go on line or think back to the many westerns shot there, you have an image of a vast area of towering cliffs and monoliths set amidst an empty desert.  In truth, nearly all of those monuments are found in the first 5 miles of the southern park, just north of the Arizona-Utah state line.  



 Unfortunately, just below these magnificent natural wonders are scattered scores of, often run-down, tribal homes, typically with one or more abandoned cars nearby.  Moreover, the trash along the highways is omnipresent!

There were a few more sights 

but, unfortunately, they are few and far between.

We left the Valley in Bluff and went north past Abajo Peak and Devils Canyon.

We still had a good time!

Oh, yes … when driving back through Monticello, Utah,  guess who got pulled over for failure to stop at a stop sign? 

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