March 19, 2010 – North Padre Island

We left Houston mid-morning and were soon away from its insane drivers.  The trip southward was uneventful.  We were again impressed by the flatness of the landscape.  However, rather than the bayous of Mississippi and Louisiana, there were seemingly endless expanses of farm land and pastures.

They were only periodically interrupted by small clumps of trees, large grain storage silos and the occasional oil or gas well.

As we approached North Padre Island, we had to take another ferry across a quarter mile channel.  Unfortunately, despite five boats running, the queue to drive aboard was 1.5 miles long and took close to an hour to arrive for the 10 minute trip.  


We were fortunate to see two porpoises swimming in the channel just ahead of the ferry we were on.

Our site at Gulf Shores RV Park just blew us away.   Far and away, it was the prettiest we’ve we had thus far.  Our motor home is currently framed by palm trees and overlooking a well landscaped pond.

Our greeter was a snowy egret who stood watching us drive in and hook up.  While some might like the panache of being a bit closer to the ocean, it’s only 150 yards away and we’re out of what is currently a cool onshore breeze.

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