March 17, 2010 – St. Patrick’s Day

The weather was cool and overcast as we left our campground this morning; although it cleared and got progressively warmer as we entered Texas and got to Houston.

A couple of observations:

  • Many sections of I-10 in Louisiana are bumpy and uneven and pure hell to drive on in a motor home.  
  • Once in Texas the roads were a marked improvement but … drivers seem to take great pleasure in both racing past you on the right and then cutting in front of your vehicle, only occasionally using a turn signal.  They are also the most impolite of any we’ve seen when it comes to letting someone change lanes.

Other than those complaints, our drive from Westlake, LA to Houston was uneventful.


As has been the case across western Alabama, Mississippi and much of Louisiana, the land is amazingly flat.  The only hills seem to be the man-made approaches to the numerous bridges.

We ended up with another great site, with our front window providing us a view of a small lake. 


Our late afternoon was spent …

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