March 16, 2010 – Texas Bound

The weather forecast was for rain so we opted to again take I-10 in lieu of the longer route through southern Louisiana.  While passing up on a chance to drive through many small towns, our trip was still interesting.

After missing a turn amid bridge construction and then finally making a U-turn and getting back on course, we passed a large dump truck with its cab completely engulfed in flames.  Just west of the New Orleans airport, we crossed long stretches of bayou on low bridges up to 18 miles long.  On some of these spans, you could look as far as the horizon and see nothing but a flat expanse.  Most of the many rivers, large and small, we crossed were very muddy, probably attributable to the torrential rains of last weekend.

We made it to our destination a few miles east of the Texas border just before the rains started.

Tomorrow off to Houston!

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