March 15, 2010 – The Garden District of New Orleans


After a morning bike ride around the park, we left for another day of sightseeing in New Orleans. 

Leaving the ferry, we went straight to Cafe de Monde for their world famous beignets (effectively fried donuts covered in powdered sugar.  The nearly one hour wait in the take-out line … was WORTH IT!.

From there, we went through Jackson Square, dominated by a statute of Andrew Jackson (who else?) 

and framed by the St. Louis Cathedral with its magnificent ceiling paintings.

We caught the Charles Street streetcar 

for the Garden District, a couple of miles west of the French Quarter.  

It is yet another historic section of this old city with some of the most spectacular architecture I’ve ever seen … much of it professionally restored.  

I could add another fifty photos and still not do justice to this area.

We also had the opportunity to wander through a nearly two century old cemetery which is still in use today.  As the area is barely above sea level, the tombs are above ground.  Sadly, some monuments are decaying and have fallen over.  Still it is fascinating to read the inscriptions and try to put together the histories of the families whose remains are interred.

One small glitch.  When we went to catch the return ferry back across the Mississippi to Algiers where we’d left our car, we learned that the ferry’s engine had died and there were not replacement boats available.  We were fortunate to stumble into a contractor who lived in Algiers who piled us and another person and his bike in an already crowded vehicle and drove us back to our car.  It really renews your faith in the goodness to other people!

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