February 21, 2010 – Jamestown and Williamsburg

Things going well and we’re having a great time.  Today we toured Jamestown (1st time) and Williamsburg (where we’d toured 45 years ago when Debbie visited me while I was in the Navy and stationed in Norfolk).

We were particularly impressed by Jamestown. The ships that carried as many as 40-60 people from England were not much larger than twice the size of our RV.  Once they arrived in the New World, the hardships they faced and the skills, ingenuity and hard work they demonstrated simply to survive, many learned from the native tribes, give you pause to ponder just how soft we have it today!

HOWEVER, after arriving yesterday, I took the liberty of washing our RV, car and bikes of the salt and grime they’d accumulated in PA before leaving and on the roads traveling to the Williamsburg area.  Then, we discovered that we’d broken Rule #17 (printed in bold-faced type) of the American Heritage RV Park where we’ve spent the past two days … “No washing of rigs or automobiles.”

Apparently, hearkening back to the justice system of their forefathers, we were soundly chastised and, in lieu of having to pay a hefty fine, we were …


Rain scheduled for mid to late day tomorrow and not excited about a long drive in wet weather.  However, we’re hoping to make it to Cape Hatteras by early afternoon.

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