November 10, 2012 – The Longest Day

With 700 miles between us and home, we had two choices … break the driving into three days as we’d planned or make today a long day on the road.  With an early start, we decided we’d try for the 475 miles between our Indiana campground and Bedford, PA.

Despite her vow to try not to photograph every old and decaying barn (her favorite subject) she spotted … it didn’t take too long before I heard, “click”, “click” “click”.

Debbie has become both a great navigator and a steadily improving photographer, the latter difficult at best when shooting from a moving motor home!

Once in

we noticed the landscape slowly change.  The cornfields

which dominated the Indiana countryside gave way to a broader mix of corn, hay and sod farms.

Approaching the western part of the state, the relatively flat terrain was replaced by “real hills” and crossing the state line into

we headed into the Alleghenies, in some places climbing to more than 2,600’

where, despite the 60o temperatures, some of the north-facing hillsides were still dressed in a blanket of white left by last week’s storm.

Rounding a fairly sharp curve we suddenly spotted our 4th inland lighthouse we now seen on this trip,

fields of thousands of orange pumpkins  and golden gourds,

Unusual buildings,

An unfortunate deer

and even Curious George.

As we neared our destination in Bedford, PA, we had one more (mile long) tunnel to navigate.

Before dinner, we glanced out of our motor home and were rewarded with yet another beautiful sunset,

a fitting ending for our last evening of this trip.

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