October 31, 2012 – Brighton, CO to Ogallala, NE

Waking up this morning, we were treated to a still very full moon.


While the weather was ideal for our drive to Ogallalaand the traffic minimal if non-existent,

several long, rough stretches of I-76 left a lot to be desired.

While a few oil wells,

tracks of unharvested corn,

recently plowed fields,

a few wind vanes used to pump water from underground aquifers,

and old farm buildings,

untold miles of electrical wires,


and a prominent warning sign in Sterling, CO,

our journey was mostly through pretty uninspiring territory.

Finally, we crossed into

the 49th state we’ve traveled in our motor home (we do not anticipate a bridge or tunnel to Hawaii to be completed during our lifetimes).

This evening, and it is almost becoming par for the course, another incredible (actual colors) sunset!




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