September 23, 2012 – West Memphis, Arkansas

After two thoroughly enjoyable days in Nashville, we started west again, this time along I-40, headed toward Memphis.  Unlike many other Interstates, it runs through mostly rural areas and is lined with trees, many overgrown with invasive vines,


occasionally crossing rivers and small lakes.


and, the further west we traveled, fields of cotton.


As we crossed the

we were surprised at how little water seemed to be flowing despite having seen and heard news reports on the slowing or suspension of barge traffic on the river due to the drought in the central part of the country.

Once across the river and into


we had just a short drive to our campground which sits along the banks of the Mississippi.  There we saw some “unusual” RVs.

A very old bus-to-motorhome conversion

An ancient motorhome

The first Airstream motorhome we’ve seen (as the company is known for its trailers and manufactures very few motorhomes)

The park offices were on easily movable mobile trailers and its electrical transformers and WiFi hotspots were located on tall posts … all to ensure they will be out of harm’s way when the inevitable next flooding occurs


Meanwhile, an early, daytime moonrise appeared in the cloudless sky.


During a walk along a trail through and around the campground, two pretty flowers stood out.

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