September 15, 2010 – On the Road, Again …

We were anxious to get on the road this morning and looking forward to Dick’s 50th high school reunion this coming weekend.
However, as were were about to depart, we discovered that the propane system which runs our refrigerator when we are underway was not working.  Therefore, the next hour was spent at our dealer’s service center. Fortunately, it was a quick fix and at no charge!
The drive from Langhorne to Middletown, RI was both uneventful and pretty dreary with a generally overcast sky.  The best sights were found as we crossed the Jamestown and Newport bridges over Narragansett Bay.
Having attended the Naval Justice School, Naval War College and a reserve duty tour aboard a destroyer, as well as several Newport Sailboat Shows, I have fond memories of the area.
However, our current visit is to tour some of the legendary mansions of Newport.

Given we got a late start, we made it to our campground in reasonable time …

Only to discover while disconnecting our new Jeep tow-vehicle that its battery was dead!  Apparently, we left some appliance on, although we’re at a loss as to what it was.

Fortunately, one of the campground owners was able to help us “jump” start the car.

Unfortunately, once we got it running, we discovered an orange light shining brightly on our dash.  After dragging the manual out, it appears to be related to our emission’s system.  Depending on the paragraph one chooses to read, it’s either “no big deal” or something short of catastrophic!  We’re assuming the former until we can get to a Jeep dealer.

From there, things got much better.  Coincidentally, my cousin. Bob, and his wife, MJ, were in town from South Carolina … so we have a lovely dinner with them!

At the moment, we’re back “home” in our RV listening to the sounds of rain on the roof and wind occasionally buffeting the vehicle. It should be a great night for sleeping.

Tomorrow, we’re off to see the mansions and the a short drive to Cape Cod … and, oh, yes, there is still that small issue of the orange light!

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