July 16 – Hope Cemetery … Williamstown, VT to Hillsdale, NY

With camp back in session this morning, Dorothy and John were busy, so we joined Jim and Jeanne to visit Hope Cemetery in Barre, VT which has some of the most unusually creative gravestones we’ve ever seen.

17 year old girl stuck by lightening

Young high-school athlete

13 year old soccer player

Contemplative Angel


Two Pyramids with Text from Revelations

Almost looks like the Anheuser-Busch logo

Balanced Cube


Neither Ronnie not Mary Ann have passed on … but their engraved stone is waiting

Each of the links in the chain are engraved with the names of family members

TRUE LOVE - She was born 3 years earlier than her husband who outlived her by more than 30 years

Back at John’s and Dorothy’s we went to get ready to leave for New York.  However, when pulling in our slides, the full-side slide would not retract.  After reading the manuals and calling back to our dealer, I found out how to remove a control panel, reset the slide motor and manually retract it before recycling it automatically several times so we could get underway.

As we were now behind schedule we stuck to the Interstates (89, 91 and 90) south into

passing under the Appalachian Trail overpass bridge over the Mass Pike

Which I’d crossed many years ago in a snow storm

and then on to

Along the way we were cautioned on several occasions about 

Unfortunately, we never spotted anything but a few albino cows.

We arrived and John and Judi’s around 5:00 PM.  It was so good to see them again.  John was married to my sister who, tragically, died of cancer in1974.  John subsequently married Judi, a terrific woman whom I believe my sister would have approved!  We love both of them dearly.

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