July 10 – Mt. Whiteface, NY

We had another relatively short drive today through the Adirondacks and a dozen small towns, some little more than auto repair garage and long-since abandoned motel or restaurant.  Wildlife was somewhat more apparent, including beaver, dozens of wild turkey and an immature deer who crossed in front of our motorhome

and then darted into the woods and disappeared as we approached.

Saranac Lake and Lake Placid were the first of the towns we passed through today which looked like they had any significant measure of economic activity.

Frequently, however, the property in the best condition was the local highway department.  And, in both Vermont and upper New York State we’ve noticed that snow plows were used as the primary signs to mark their locations.

We plan to go back to see more of Lake Placid, which is host to the first

Restaurant we’ve seen in years … For the under-Medicare set, HoJo’s was the restaurant of choice where  many of us went with our dates for a frappe, hot dog or one of twenty-seven flavors of ice cream (for just a quarter each) after the movies, a party or other event.

After getting settled at our campground we took off for Whiteface Mountain (elevation 4,867’),

which can be driven as high as the 4,600’ level.

Before reaching the Memorial Highway which takes you toward the summit, we had to pass through.

While Memorial Highway, the road leading up Whiteface Mountain is “rough”

and likely caused by frost heaves, it was interesting that none of the areas had been patched or otherwise repaired.  Driving up the ridges, afforded us some great views.

Once at the upper parking lot, you have two choices to reach the summit, hiking up or taking an elevator, which sounded like a “no brainer”, particularly as we were not wearing proper footwear for hiking.  However, to reach the elevator we were looking at

It was a whole lot darker than in this photo

While Debbie was fearless, afterall, years ago she made it all the way into the inner chamber of the Great Pyramid in Giza (Egypt) while I cowered outside … I got about ten steps into the tunnel  and made an immediate U-turn and headed for the Castle and trail route.

Once on the summit,the views were spectacular.

Lake Placid

The “high peaks” of the central Adirondacks

Partial View of the Memorial Highway

Although having seen a wide variety of plant ,life on many of the high, barren peaks I’ve climber all over the northeast, I remain fascinated seeing flowers, which are able to survive in such harsh summit climates.

Returning to our campground, we passed an attractive small lake which captured the reflection of one of Whiteface’s foothills

and a flume … a narrow river gorge.

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