August 24 (Morning) – Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

A products of the 1950s, we lived through the “early” years of Rock N Roll.  Thus, a visit to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame was a “must’ destination.

On the outside plaza, you are greeted by Johnny Cash’s RV.

I found the most interesting parts were the ones which covered the eras of the Blues and Rockabilly which preceded and laid the groundwork for the emergence of the Rock N Roll era.

However, as these types of popular music morphed into Rock N Roll, displacing the “Big Band Era”, religious and socially conservative groups felt threatened.

Perhaps one of the most interesting presentation was a video on American Bandstand.  Sorry that some of the following photos are so grainy … but the original video clips were pretty grainy when recorded and photographs of them merely exacerbates the problem.

However, no one hosted more pop singers and groups over its 24-year run than Dick Clark

Again, growing up in the 50’s and early 60s, some of the singers/groups we remember most included:

As the first decade of the Rock N Roll era came to a close, a look back of its highlights and lows …

Then came the 1960s.

Elvis’ custom motorcycle

Looking at the early inductees reflects those we were most fond of during our youth.

First Year – 1986

Second and Third Years – 1987 and 1988

I’ve included the following as they seem to be popular/favorites with our kids or grandchildren.

Neither Debbie nor I ever realized just how many different styles, shapes and colors of guitars there were (just a small sample).

The there were the endless (and eventually boring to me … not Debbie, however) suits, dresses and costumes … reminding me of the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.

In one room, we saw a group (“Garage”) jamming

and in another two rock-n-roll wannabees.

Somewhere in the mid-1960s, what I consider the end of the true years of Rock N Roll gave way to the folk and anti-Vietnam War genre.

After that I, for one, lost interest in most, (particularly heavy metal to rap and hip-hop), but not all popular music … up to the present.  Debbie, to her credit, has remained more open-minded and in-tune with the popular music over the past five decades.

However, we’d both agree that if in the Cleveland area, a visit to the Rock N Roll of Fame is well worth the time!







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