Good News!

Just after returning to our motorhome from our morning walking group, my phone rang. 

Normally, if I don't recognize a number I do not pick up, assuming if it is important the caller will leave a message.  However, a caller's name appeared, "Department of Health" … and I immediately answered!

The caller informed us that our names had been "drawn" in Manatee County … where we had registered in addition to Sarasota County .and where there is alottery system used as opposed to Sarasota's a first-registered-first-appointment was in effect and we nhave number 40,748 while the county had only reached just over 21,000 … and we were being scheduled for our FIRST COVID-19 VACINAITONS this coming Friday, February 26th. .

We can't wait!

Meanwhile, RC sailing has been cancelled several times thi spast week, incluidng this afternoon due to high winds … as for most of the several classes of sailboats it difficult to to control th eboats in winds above 15 MPH.



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