January 15 – February 4, 2021 – Sarasota

Today became our 1,600th day of RVing.

During the past several weeks we have continued to restrict our activities and contacts with other people due to the continued spread of COVID-19 here in Florida.  And, the people we engage with in those limited activities in which we are participating (morning walking group, weekly photography club and radio-controlled sailboat racing both here at Sun N Fun and also at Benderson Park) are masked and respect social distancing. 

Meanwhile, we continue to wait for a call for our COVID vaccination shots.  To be considered for a shot, you need to be a Florida resident or provide evidence of a lengthy “snowbird” residency, for which we qualify.  We are registered in the Sarasota County website with a sequence number of 40,748 (appointments are being scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis).  As of today they have only processed just over 7,700 people.  We are also registered on the Manatee County site from which appointments are handled on a random basis. 

Sadly, there was a gentleman here at Sun N Fun who refused to wear a mask and subsequently was diagnosed with COVID, was then hospitalized and within a few days thereafter passed away.  It is NUTS not to take precautions.

The weather has been quite cool, although during late January and early February such temperatures (sometimes in the low 40os when we get up and some cool afternoons peaking out in the high 50os) are to be expected.  It has also been much windier than we recall in past years.  Beginning next week, more normal weather is forecast.  That said, it has been a vast improvement over what our friends back in Pennsylvania have been experiencing.

Unfortunately, I have become much better friends with our Sarasota dermatologist who has had a chance to hone his Mohs surgery skills on me twice now.  My ears, arms and face are victims or my genes and too much sun damage from teenage sunburns and exposure during the years I was actively backpacking, sailing and playing golf without proper protection.

We did get together with Daniel and Traci, the “young’ couple across the street from our motorhome for a distanced evening of wine and conversation and this past Wednesday with our sister-in-law Judi Melby and her daughter-in-law, Caroline … Judi having lost her husband on December 29th.

Our one recent foray out of the park was to Siesta Key Beach, normally packed with people with hundreds of locals and snowbirds.

This time, it was nearly empty!

The stronger than normal winds have shaped many unique "sculptures".

And the surf was running exceptionally high.

There were large flocks of Skimmers facing into the wind

as well as Royal Terns

which took flight when approached.

Both within the park and at the Celery Fields nature area, I have had a chance for some photography.

Finally, we have enjoyed a few gorgeous sunsets!

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  1. Kem Hinton says:

    I need to make a request on one of your photos of the Bicentennial Mall in Nashville.

    I was the lead designer. I am doing a new book on the park, and would love to include one of your many images.

    NICE WORK!!!

    Kem Hinton, architect and author

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