July 2 – Lake Champlain – Relaxing

After getting up, we took our coffee down to the water and sat until around 10:30 chatting with one of our campground neighbors, watching a mother duck and her brood swim by

and the auto ferries shuttling back and forth between Grand Isle and Plattsburgh, New York.

Totally exhausted form this mornings workout, we trudged the 200’ back to our RV site where I worked on editing some photos and updating our blog entries for the past several days while Debbie settled in with a good book.

After lunch, we ventured across the causeway

to Vermont proper and found a Shaw’s Supermarket  where  we replenished our stock of food and wine.  Our trip took us past several farms, some with deteriorating  barns and silos

others with the hay already cut and baled,

Returning to our motor home we unloaded our groceries just in time for “wine time” … where we sat, overlooking the lake under a mostly sunny sky and a delightful westerly breeze.  It is a tough life but, as the saying goes … some has to do it!

After dinner, we “forced” ourselves to sit through yet another breathtaking sunset.

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