March 6 – 18 – Most Activities Coming to an End

March generally marks the end of many activities as the Snowbirds (some activity leaders) here at Sun N Fun begin to leave for home.

Debbie and I participated in the Craft Bazaar Show at the beginning of the month with her knitted baby blankets and hats and my photography.  Got to admit, she outsold me!

However, with the threat posed by Corona Virus, which is hitting the “elderly” population (which describes the vast majority of people at Sun N Fun) especially hard, all indoor activities were curtailed a week ago; affecting the last of my photography classes and Debbie’s indoor walking, classical stretch, line dancing.  Also closed were the archery range, gym, lapidary, music rooms, indoor pool, a concert, Veterans’ luncheon and the list goes on.

This week, the outdoor pool was closed

along with the adjacent restaurant.

Fortunately, of the outdoor activities in which we are involved, the outdoor walking group still meets each weekday morning (Debbie and I walk alone on the weekends), late afternoon Petanque (at least for the time being) and RC model sailboat racing.

For many of our Canadian friends here, in some cases they’ve been given 10-days to return to Canada or they would loose their health care coverage during their time in the US.  Thus, their exodus has been extremely noticeable.

And, just last week, I finally purchased a Dragon-Flite 95 sailboat (it’ll take Debbie a year or more of pedicures and haircuts before we’ll be even money-wise).

  Last week, we were also able to get together with my cousins Sandy & Jeff and Sue & Bob for dinner.

(l to r)  Jeff, Dick, Debbie, Sandy, Sue and Bob

Although we have gotten together with both families last year and with Sandy & Jeff earlier this winter, it’s been years since we’ve all had a chance to be together at one time!

Meanwhile, the rumors about runs on toilet paper, food and even guns & ammo (the latter not of any concern to us) are true even here in Sarasota.  During a grocery store trip yesterday we found the paper products aisle cleaned out!

One woman checking our before us had a cart full of 24 rolls of “TP”.  Although I am not sure how many rolls one goes through in a week, I am guessing she was stocked up through Labor Day or beyond!

We’ve begun to get text messages from our three kids wondering about our potential exposure/safety.  Given we’ve heard being outdoors, in the sun and in warm weather

Our patio where we’re spending lots of time

tend to lessen chances of catching Corona virus, we think we’re probably safer here than at home.

One of my biggest challenges is NOT to try to shake hands when meeting others.  70-plus years of conditioning is hard to break … but a necessity!

Then this morning, we got word one of the teachers at Will’s (10 and Doug and Meg’s youngest) tested positive for the virus … putting their family in self-lock down for some as yet undetermined period.

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