December 30 – For our Friends back home … it hit a balmy 76 here today!

After taking part in the campgrounds courtesy waffle breakfast, we continued our otherwise fairly boring journey south … hoping to get as far south as possible before a cold front with predicted strong winds and possible thunderstorms crossed through the I-95 corridor.

The most interesting thing we saw as the Woof.Bus, an old school bus which had been converted into a mobile vet’s office and treatment vehicle.

Debbie, however, not surprisingly focused her attention on old and dilapidated barns.

 Over the course of our travels, we never cease to be amazed at the things people so desperately want to get rid of that they simply discard them along major highways.

Anyone need a burgundy arm chair?

While the rain storm fortunately petered out, the winds

out of the southwest were strong enough to occasionally buffet our motorhome and make driving a periodic challenge.

Between the Richmond area and the intersection of I-75 and I-4, just east of Tampa, four large Confederate flags can’t be missed.

We arrived in our Wade, NC campground around 1:00 PM.  After being able to eat our lunch outside under partly sunny skies and a temperature reading of 76o, we “crashed” for the remainder of the afternoon.

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