December 29 – Heading for Warmer Climes

With Christmas over, we had our motorhome de-winterized before bringing it over the clubhouse parking lot

where we were able to load it for our winter trip to Sarasota.

With heavy rains forecast along our intended route down I-95, we opted for an early start to get as far south as possible before encounter the precipitation.  However, we were driving in a light fog as far south as the Key Bridge in Baltimore.

Shortly after rejoining I-95, we ran into the predicted rain.

However, the traffic was surprisingly light and we made our first 200 miles (including one stop) in just shy of 3½ hours.  Then we got to Lorton, VA.

For some still unknown reason, the traffic then begins to back up and speeds can drop to zero.

Then, just as suddenly, it will spread out and highway speeds can again be achieved.  However, the cause for the traffic jams remain a mystery … no construction, no visible accident and no other cause we could determine.  And, this was not unusual, every year we find similar traffic conditions south of Lorton … as do nearly every other driver we speak with.

The bottom line was it took us some three hours to cover the final 90 miles!

By the time we reached Ashland, VA

the rain had pretty much stopped, although more is expected later this evening.

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