Sept 11 – Eighteen Years Later – Our Trip to York Harbor, ME

As I write this post, we are watching several documentaries about the tragic events of September 11th, 2001.  As we traveled one hundred miles from Boothbay to York Harbor, American flags were at half-staff in memory of those who lost their lives on that date.

We passed by the York Harbor Inn, owned by friends Joe and Jean (a childhood friend of Debbie's) Dominquez,

before reaching our campground for the next two nights.

The Campground's flag at half-staff

The guy next to us sure hates his 45-foot, "high-end" Integra Class-A motorhome!

From time to time, we've mentioned how many people travel with pets, the vast majority being dogs.  However, many of those folks not only have one dog, many have two, three or more … in the case of one of our "neighbors" FIVE.

While checking in we inquired about any reliable mobile RV services techs who covered the area as we were trying … thus far unsuccessfully … to resolve what we had determined was probably a faulty Convertor (a device which converts 120V shore power to 12V battery power), as our coach's house batteries were not fully charging. 

I got this far and knew my electrical knowldge limit had been reached. 

So, wisely, we contacted the recommended Marxway RV Service who was fortunately going to be in the campground this afternoon.  Mark, with over 30 years of experience, not only zeroed in on the source of the problem

which was a faulty Convertor which was shorting out its fuses, but also had a spare unit in his truck which he was able to install.  Below is the culprit.

With our 12V system operating properly again, we took a walk along the sidewalk, which is only feet from the water during high tide.

Nubble Lighthouse

Birds almost always face into the breeze


There was the predictable grafatti … most of it egocentric and awful

While not codoning grafitti anywhere, there was one specimen which showed the "artist" had some sense of the area and some modest talent.

This evening, we met Joe and Jean at the Chapman Cottage

one of their B&B restaurants

for a great dinner.

Debbie & I along with Jean and Joe

Returning to our campground, we found that "our flag was still there"

A walk along the ocean with the moon shining on the water on an unseasonablly warm breeze capped a near perfect day.


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