Sept 06 – Drive to Boothbay, ME and Sunset Dinner with Sue and Bob Goodrich

We'd no sooner left our Wolfeboro campground than we encountered

Our streak is in tact … everyday we've been driving our motorhome we have, without exception, encountered Road Work.

We contiue to see lighthouses in places far removed from oceans, lakes or rivers. 

In all the hundreds of mailbox photos I've taken, this was the first for a cemetery.

After a slow tri[p across Route 25 we finally made it to

for the second time on this trip … if you reaad our recent blog posts, you'll recall we missed a turn in Gorham, NH and found outselves in Maine before realizing our mistake and backtracked to return to Twin Mountain.

A Jeep of a different color

For the most part, Route 25 wound its way through rural areas on which the traffic was minimal or non-existent.

Speed limit signs were everywhere and when on or below the posted speed looked normal.

However, when exceeding the speed limit, bright lights around the signs blinked brightly.

More stylized lighthouses, these outside a Gorham, ME gas station

The skis and ski lift car seemed a bit out of place along the Maine coast

It looks like a science fiction advertisement at the Taste of Maine Restaurant.

A new bridge and the remains of the one it replaced in Bath

Bath shipyards

Yet another inland lighthouse

Lunchtime Crowd at Reds' Eats in Wiscassett

Our home in Boothbay for the next five nights

This evening we visited my cousing Sue (Newbert) and Bob Goodrich

at their home on the water in East Boothbay. 


Planter Silouhettes

One-legged Pirate Wind Vane

Inn at Cuckolds Light at the entrance to Boothbay Harbor at Sunset

Sunset Afterglow

The four of us then had a wonderful dinner at the Ocean Point Inn & Restaaurant where our table provided us with a spectacular view.


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