Aug 31 – Williamstown, VT to Twin Mountain, NH

We got a late start, in part as we had less than 80 miles of travel for the day.

After topping off our RV fuel tank we headed north on VT-14, passing a former magnificent old house now collapsing from lack of attention.

After joining US-302 in Barre, we headed East through a mix of dense forests, any number of streams and rivers and small farms; occasionally dotted by very small towns … each one seemingly hosting either adult softball tournaments and/or dozens of garage and yard sales.

There were more fields of golden rod along side the road than we've seen in a long time

A sad old travel trailer

Townwide Flea Market, downtown Wells, Vermont

Crossing the Connecticut River into New Hampshire

We had more than a foot to spare … although didn't know it until we were almost to the underpass

Dome house

Franconia Ridge in the distance

Cannon Mountain ski slopes

Settled in at the Twin Mountain Motor Court and RV Park for the next three days


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