April 26 – A Surprisingly Busy Week – Remembering Ken Grenier – Visiting Family and Friends

Late last week, I received a text from Ken's daughter, Kim, who sent a picture she'd run across of he and I taken early last winter.  As it is the last photograph of the two of us, I will treasure it always!

Together with three friends of Kens, we'd planned a memorial round of golf at Mission Valley Country Club, the course where Ken played his last round of golf, on his 75th birthday, Friday, April 19th.  Unfortunately, inclement weather

forced us to postpone our golf date until Saturday.

(l to r) Dick Newbert, Jim DeCarlo, Don Haviland and Tom Briggs

On one hole, we had a resident spectator just off the fairway.

Perhaps Ken was watching us and helping me to my second best round in more than a year. 

Now, another "What is it?" quiz.  This is a common item you'veno doubt seen.

See below for the answer


Over this past weekend, we received two pictures, the first from Doug who was surprised when Ben arrived home from college for the day.

(l to r)  sister Calleigh, Ben and brother, Will

The second was from Scott who is spending his kids' spring vacation at Hilton Head.

(l to r)  Sean, Krista, Scott and Kira

Sunday evening we went to Siesta Beach for the weekly Drum Circle.

Some people dancing or gyrating in the "circle" clearly want to be noticed

What some girls can do with hula hoops never ceases to amaze us

This guy is a "regular"

While still entertaining, perhaps as it is past the winter season and school spring breaks, it was a bit less entertaining than in past years,

With clear skies, we knew this evening sunset would be something short of colorful and therefore headed home for a glass of wine before the sun dropped below the horizon.

This past Tuesday, we visited with my cousin Chris and wife Melanie

at their beautiful ranch in Reddick, in the heart of Florida's "horse country".

Yesterday, we took another road trip north, this time to Dade City to visit with John and Leslie Wilhelm,

one of the wonderful RV couples we caravned with to Alaska in 2011 and with whom we have stayed in regular touch since then. 

Sadly today, we also learned that another of our caravan friends, Dave Normingotn, whom we were hoping to see in June, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is facing surgery.  We all wish him a speedy and full recovery!

Returning from lunch at a local Italian restaurant, we stopped at the Spring Lake Community Center,

a 80 year old building which was built in 1939 by the WPA (Works Progress Administration) from materials in the local Spring Lake area, the building originally served as a community center and cafeteria for the Spring Lake School. The school was closed in 1967 and used as a storage facility until 1999. Many of the descendants of the founding families still live in the Spring Lake area today. It was designated a National Historical Site on October 20, 2009.

Then situated on a barren hill just off the road

Internet photo

stood the impressive Most Holy Trinity Seminary complex.

Gateway to the Inner Courtyard

After a little research we discovered it was organized as a rebellious center for the training of Roman Catholic priests according to pre-Vatican II standards. The sole motive of its foundation and purpose of its functioning is to preserve the Roman Catholic priesthood, not only with regard to the validity of Holy Orders, but also with regard to the orthodoxy and proper training of Roman Catholic priests. The need for such a seminary is dictated by the doctrinal, liturgical, and disciplinary devastation which has been wrought in countless souls as a direct result of Vatican II and its subsequent changes.

The Seminary professes that Vatican II and the doctrinal, disciplinary and liturgical reforms which have proceeded from it are substantial alterations of the Catholic Faith. It professes that these heretical, evil, and blasphemous reforms can in no way proceed from the Roman Catholic Church, since she is infallible in her doctrines, her disciplines, and her liturgical worship. The Seminary therefore professes that the members of the Novus Ordo hierarchy (including and especially the Vatican II “popes”), despite any and all appearances of authority, are not true Catholic popes nor true Catholic bishops, and do not possess the authority to rule, for they are the authors of the doctrinal, disciplinary and liturgical abominations which have invaded our holy places. The Seminary professes that they are false shepherds, and ought to be denounced as such.

The Seminary proposes, as the solution to the aberrations of Vatican II, the complete rejection of this council as a false council, including its decrees and enactments. The Second Vatican Council manifested itself to be a false council, and devoid of the assistance of the Holy Ghost, by the fact that it promulgated doctrines which were previously condemned by the Church. The heretical nature of this council is confirmed by (1) the doctrinal interpretation given to Vatican II by Paul VI and his successors in their decrees, encyclicals, catechisms, etc.; (2) the series of abominations perpetrated by Paul VI and his successors against the First Commandment of God, in the form of ecumenical ceremonies which constitute false worship, even to pagan deities in some cases; (3) the alteration of the Sacred Liturgy in such a way that the Catholic Mass has been replaced by a Protestant supper service; (4) the tampering with the matter and form of the sacraments so that many of them, but most notably the Holy Eucharist and Holy Orders, labor under doubt or invalidity; (5) the promulgation of disciplines, especially the 1983 Code of Canon Law and the Ecumenical Directory, which approve of sacrilege against the Holy Eucharist and the Sacrament of Matrimony, and which demonstrate heresies concerning the unity of the Church as their theoretical basis; (6) the scandalous mockery made of the Sacrament of Matrimony by the granting of annulments for spurious reasons, constituting an abandonment of the sacred doctrine of the indissolubility of marriage; (7) the fact that Paul VI and his successors are in communion with manifest heretics, have openly declared themselves to be in communion with non-Catholic sects, and have recognized an apostolic mission in schismatic and heretical bishops, all of which destroys the unity of faith.

Our traffic on rush hour trip home was better than we'd aticipated … until we got stuck in traffic backed up

from a car fire.

Over the course of the past two days, I have had a chance to "shoot" several species of aquatic birds.  The first was a gourp of four very young (they are still unable to fly as their wings have not yet developed) Pekin Ducks.

The Pekin or White Pekin is an American breed of domestic duck derives from birds brought to the United States from China in the nineteenth century, and is now bred in many countries, and in all continents.

Today,I took another early morning trip to the Celery Fields.

Here I was able to observe several dozen types of birds, including:

Great Blue Herons

Purple Gallinules

Rosette Spoonbills

Blue Herons

Baby Boat-tailed Grackles

Great Egrets

As each day passes, more and more people are leaving for their homes across the eastern US and Canada.  Just this morning, Daniel and Traci, headed for Georgia and ultimately Indianapolis.  The good news, however, is nearly all of our old and new Sun N Fun friends will be back in 2020!

We'll begin our meandering trek north toward Pennsylvania a week from Sunday, May 5th.

Now, did you figure out what the photo quiz was?

































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