March 31 – Friends – Winter Activities Winding Down

I thought I'd add periodic challenge to our travel updates.  Below is a close-up photo of a (current or one-time) familiar object.  See if you can guess what it is.


Cheryl flew in on Sunday to help decide what items she wanted to have moved back to her home on Cape Cod.  It was so good to see her.  We spent considerable time with her during her one week stay.  Debbie and I will be coordinating the actual move when the trucker arrives on April 8th or 9th.

We also had a chance to get together with my cousin Chip and Debby Burt, also RVers staing in Ft. Myers. 

Unfortunately, we didnt get a photo of the four of us … so an old picture.

With some disappointment, Debbie's Line Dancing

and Belly Dancing classes have ended for the season.

Check out the balanced sword on her head

Water Aerobics is still continuing, however.

Last Friday, dinner at Sandy and Jeff Fitts … with whom we always have a great time.

This past Thursday, Debbie was sitting on our patio knitting and watching TV when the 15-20 MPH wind dislodged a dead limb from the Live Oak which provides our site with welcome shade this time of year … which fell right down on her.

Fortunately her cuts were superficial and she is OK.

While our Photography Club finished its classes mid-month, the weekly field trips have continued.

Celery FIelds

The location of the site, the large number of diverse bird species, and its public ownership by Sarasota County make the Celery Fields an ideal location for wildlife watching and passive recreational use.  The 360+ acre site is also the County’s primary storm water collection zone, allowing it to serve a dual purpose of public safety and recreation.

Wetlands restoration of 100 acres is now complete at the Celery Fields. More than 200,000 aquatic plants and trees have been planted, and two boardwalks have been installed where 210 species of birds have be identified.

Common Gallinules



Great Bllue Heron


Immature Ibis

Loggerhead Shrike


Red-wing Blackbird

Rossette Spoonbill


New College of Florida

The College is situated on a beautiful 110-acre campus in northern Sarasota County.  The main Bayfront Campus lies along the Gulf of Mexico.  The elegant, early 20th-century College Hall is the former home of circus magnate Charles Ringling. 

It offers a gracious fireplaced living room

with curving wrought-iron staircase,

enclosed portico overlooking the bay

' and wood-paneled music room with high, fresco-timbered ceilings, burnished wood floor and grand piano.and organ.

The iconic Ringling arch and canopied Dort Promenade, connected by a colonnade opens onto a vast lawn

and Sarasota Bay,

a favorite gathering spots for studying, resting, photography

and sunsets.

Located on an abutting property is Ca' d'Zan, a Venetian Gothic residence in Sarasota, Florida, was the winter home of the American circus owner, developer and art collector John Ringling and his wife Mable.

After dinner at Captain Brian's, one of our favorie seafood restaurants, we stopped by the campus again.

John Phillips, the planner/scheduler hopes to continue the field trips thru the end of April.

Yesterday, we took a trip to the Red Barn …

a massive flea market.  Upon leaving, we appeared to be the only people not carrying any purchases.

Meanwhile, Sunday sailing continues for one more week.  Two weeks ago, I won my first two races with Helen's yellow-hulled No.8  boat.

This week, another three wins using two different boats.

After two-plus weeks off while my right hand healed from from recent squamous carcinoma surgery (almost can't tell I had any stitches at all), I managed to get a round of golf in on the Bobby Jones "British" golf course here in Sarasota. 

Oh yes … any ideas what you were looking at the beginning of this blog post?

Hammond Typewriter Co., Model 12 , circa 1910

We ran across it at the Mansion on the Hill, Ogallala, NE

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